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ICC Exam Workbook Sample Questions

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21. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, draft stopping shall be installed to subdivide floor/ceiling assemblies. In other than Group R occupancies, draft stopping must be installed to subdivide combustible floor/ceiling assemblies so that horizontal floor areas do not exceed ________________.

A. 500 square feet
B. 750 square feet
C. 1,000 square feet
D. 2,000 square feet

22. The aggregate area of penthouses and other enclosed rooftop structures may not exceed __________ the area of the supporting roof deck.

A. one-quarter
B. one-third
C. one-half
D. two-thirds

23. Bathrooms, toilet rooms, kitchens, storage rooms and laundry rooms are required to have a ceiling height of not less than __________ feet. Exceptions excluded.

A. 8 feet
B. 7 feet 6 inches
C. 7 feet
D. 6 feet 8 inches

24. What is the maximum allowable distance, in masonry wall construction between lateral supports?

A. 20 feet
B. 24 feet
C. 30 feet
D. 60 feet

25. In reference to Covered Mall Buildings. Anchor building means of egress. The path of egress travel of malls may not exit through anchor buildings. Malls terminating at an anchor building where no other means of egress has been provided shall be considered as a _____________________.

A. valid means of egress
B. dead-end mall
C. low volume egress point
D. main entrance and egress

26. An exterior perimeter building of a group other than H having direct access to a covered mall building but having required means of egress independent of the mall.

A. Food Court
B. Anchor Building
C. Covered Mall Building
D. Gross Leas able Area

27. The construction documents filed when applying for a permit must include ______________________________ that provides supporting documentation that any proposed penetration and opening in the exterior wall envelope by equipment described in the construction documents maintain the weather resistance of the exterior wall envelope.

A. engineering calculations and approval stamps
B. manufacturer’s installation instructions
C. all UL listed systems used in the building
D. detail drawing done by an licensed design professional

28. Class III standpipe fire control systems must be installed throughout buildings where _______________. Exceptions ignored.

A. any of the stories are above or below grade plane
B. two or more stories are above or below grade plane
C. three or more stories are above or below grade plane
D. four or more stories are above or below grade plane

29. Second-hand masonry units may not be reused unless they conform to the requirements ____________, and the units must be of whole, sound materials and free from cracks and other defects that will interfere with proper laying or use and old mortar shall be cleaned from the unit before reuse.

A. of their original design
B. set by the designer
C. set for used masonry units.
D. of new units

30. In conventional light-frame construction, where roof trusses are used and are installed perpendicular to an exterior braced wall line, lateral forces must be transferred from the roof diaphragm to the braced wall by blocking of the ends of the trusses or by other approved methods providing equivalent lateral force transfer. Blocking is required to be a minimum of ______________ nominal in thickness and equal to the depth of the truss at the wall line.

A. 1 inch
B. 2 inches
C. 3.5 inches
D. 4 inches

31. In reference to signage within Covered Mall Buildings. Plastic signs may not exceed a height of 36 inches, except if the sign is vertical, the height may not exceed _______ and the width may not exceed 36 inches.

A. 120 inches
B. 96 inches
C. 72 inches
D. 60 inches

32. A building permit issued will become invalid unless the work on the site authorized by the permit is commenced within ____________ after its issuance, or if the work authorized on the site by such permit is suspended or abandoned for a period of ______________ after the time the work is commenced. The building official is authorized to grant, in writing, one or more extensions of time, for periods not more than ____________ each.

A. 180 days, 180 days, 180 days
B. 365 days, 180 days, 180 days
C. 270 days, 2 years, 2 years
D. 2 years, 2 years, 180 days

33. With regards to egress from a building, a fire-resistance- rated exterior wall separating the exterior area of assisted rescue from the interior of the building must extend horizontally ________ beyond the landing on either side of the landing or equivalent fire-resistance-rated construction is permitted to extend out perpendicular to the exterior wall not less than 4 feet on the side of the landing. Exception ignored.

A. 25 feet
B. 50 feet
C. 15 feet
D. 10 feet

34. Detailed use and occupancy requirements. In addition to the occupancy and construction requirements in the code, the provisions of which chapter applies to the special uses and occupancies described herein.

A. Chapter 3
B. Chapter 4
C. Chapter 5
D. Chapter 6

35. Porches and decks which are enclosed with insect screening must be provided with guards where the walking surface is located more than _____________ above the floor or grade below.

A. 30 inches
B. 36 inches
C. 42 inches
D. 48 inches

36. For buildings using building-integrated photovoltaic roof panels (BIPV), in areas where there has been a history of ice forming along the eaves causing a back-up of water, an ice barrier consisting of not fewer than two layers of underlayment cemented together or of a self-adhering polymer/modified bitumen sheet is to be used instead of normal underlayment and extend from the lowest edges of all roof surfaces to a point not less than _____________ inside the exterior wall line of the building.

A. 6 inches
B. 12 inches
C. 24 inches
D. 36 inches

37. The minimum horizontal separation between kiosks or groupings thereof and other structures within a mall is __________ .

A. 10 feet
B. 20 feet
C. 30 feet
D. 50 feet

38. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, where required in the code, doors in smoke partitions must be _____________________________________________.

A. a minimum of 24 inches wide
B. made of non-combustible material
C. self-closing or automatic-closing
D. steel or wood with a gypsum core.

39. An automatic sprinkler system shall be provided for all enclosed Group A-5 accessory use areas in excess of ___________________________.

A. 500 square feet
B. 750 square feet
C. 1,000 square feet
D. 2,000 square feet

40. Finely divided solid material that is 420 microns or less in diameter and which, when dispersed in air in the proper proportions, could be ignited by a flame, spark or other source of ignition.

A. Combustible Fibers
B. Combustible Dust
C. Combustible Liquid
D. Combustible Film

41. Handrail assemblies and guards must be designed to resist a load of __________. Exceptions ignored.

A. 25 pounds per linear foot
B. 50 pounds per linear foot
C. 75 pounds per linear foot
D. 100 pounds per linear foot

42. The space surrounding a chimney lining system or vent installed within a masonry chimney shall be allowed to contain the installation of a separate flue lining used to vent another appliance or fireplace.

A. This is True
B. This is False

43. The stopping of plumbing leaks in drains, water, soil, waste or vent pipe provided does not require a permit, however, if any concealed trap, drain pipe, water, soil, waste or vent pipe becomes defective and it becomes necessary to remove and replace the same with new material, such work is to be considered as new work and a permit must obtained and inspections made as provided in the code.


44. An area where persons unable to use stairways can remain temporarily to await instructions or assistance during emergency evacuation.

A. balcony
B. area of refuge
C. fire escape
D. fire room

45. The minimum thickness of gypsum sheathing is _______________ with a maximum wall stud spacing of ______________.

A. 5/8 inch, 16 inches on center
B. 5/8 inch, 24 inches on center
C. .1/2 inch, 24 inches on center
D. .1/2 inch, 16 inches on center

46. In reference to Covered Mall Buildings. Anchor building means of egress. Required means of egress for anchor buildings must be provided __________________ from the mall means of egress system. The occupant load of anchor buildings opening into the mall will not be included in determining means of egress requirements for the mall.

A. within 1000 feet
B. within 500 feet
C. independently
D. within 1500 feet

47. What is the minimum thickness face-to-face required for a wall constructed from a combination of clay brick and load-bearing hollow clay tile with 4 inch solid brick and 4 inch tile (at least 40 percent solid), to have a fire resistance rating of 3 hours?

A. 4 inches
B. 6 inches
C. 8 inches
D. 10 inches

48. Door handles, pulls, latches, locks and other operating devices shall be installed ______ minimum and ______ maximum above the finished floor.

A. 30 inches , 40 inches
B. 34 inches, 48 inches
C. 34 inches, 42 inches
D. 36 inches, 48 inches

49. In buildings constructed in accordance with the provisions of conventional light-frame construction floor, attic and roof framing with a nominal depth-to-thickness ratio greater than or equal to 5:1 must have one edge held in line for the ______________.

A. 50 % of the span
B. entire span
C. length of the building
D. length of the cantilever

50. Exit signs are not required in rooms or areas which require _________________ exit or exit access.

A. only 1
B. only 2
C. only 3
D. only 4

51. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, flexible ducts and air connectors may not pass through _______________________________.

A. any fire rated wall
B. any fire rated ceiling
C. any fire rated floor
D. any fire-resistance-rated assembly
E. all of the above

52. Appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official relative to the application and interpretation of the code, are handled by ____________________.

A. an oversight commission
B. a special investigation commission
C. a panel of independent inspectors
D. a board of appeals

53. Where parking is provided, what is the minimum number of accessible parking spaces that must be provided at a facility that has 77 total parking spaces.

A. 4 accessible spaces
B. 6 accessible spaces
C. 8 accessible spaces
D. 10 accessible spaces

54. Ramps used as part of a means of egress may not have a running slope steeper than __________ in 12 units horizontal. The slope of other ramps may not have a running slope steeper than one unit vertical in _________.

A. 1/4 unit vertical, 12 units horizontal
B. 1/2 unit vertical, 8 units horizontal
C. 1 unit vertical, 8 units horizontal
D. 1-1/4 unit vertical, 12 units horizontal

55. A space within a building enclosed by smoke barriers on all sides, including the top and bottom.

A. fire block
B. smoke compartment
C. smoke block
D. smoke barrier

56. Glass sloped __________________ or less from vertical in windows, curtain and window walls, doors and other exterior applications must be designed to resist the wind loads in Section 1609 for components and cladding.

A. 10 degrees
B. 15 degrees
C. 20 degrees
D. 25 degrees

57. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, shaft enclosures must have a fire-resistance rating of not less than _______________ where connecting four stories or more, and not less than __________ where connecting less than four stories.

A. 2 hours, 1 hour
B. 3 hours, 1.5 hours
C. 3 hours, 2 hours
D. 4 hours, 2 hours

58. In passenger transportation facilities and airports, the accessible route from separate-sex toilet rooms to a unisex toilet room may not pass through ________________.

A. hallways
B. cafeterias
C. terminal waiting areas
D. security checkpoints

59. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, exterior walls with a horizontal fire separation distance greater than _____________, the joint system is required to be tested for interior fire exposure only.

A. 20 feet
B. 15 feet
C. 10 feet
D. 5 feet

60. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, openings other than _______________ are not permitted in shaft enclosures.

A. the required means of egress system
B. the exterior walls that serve as a part of a required shaft
C. those necessary for the purpose of the shaft
D. required automobile ramps open and enclosed

61. What is the allowable shear (pounds per foot) for wood structural panel shear walls with framing of Douglas-fir-larch, or southern pine for wind or seismic loading for 7/16 Structural I Sheathing applied directly to the framing fastened with 4 inch spacing at the perimeter of the panels with 1.5" 16 gage staples into the framing?

A. 200
B. 260
C. 395
D. 505

62. In assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated construction, fire-protection-rated glazing is permitted in fire doors having a __________ fire protection rating intended for installation in fire barriers, where limited to 100 square inches.

A. 11/2-hour
B. 1-hour
C. 2-hour
D. 21/2-hour
63. Ballasted non-penetrating systems are to be designed and installed only on roofs with slopes not more than ________________________________.

A. one unit vertical in 12 units horizontal.
B. two unit vertical in 12 units horizontal.
C. three unit vertical in 12 units horizontal.
D. six unit vertical in 12 units horizontal.

64. What is the maximum number of occupants allowed in a bowling center in bowling areas?

A. 7 net, persons for each lane
B. 5 persons for each lane including 15 feet of runway
C. no limit
D. 15 gross, persons for each lane

65. As related to means of egress, doors, when opened in any position, must not reduce the required clear width by more than __________________.

A. one-half
B. one-quarter
C. 7 inches
D. 2-1/2 inches

66. In other than dwelling units, toilet and bathing room floor finish materials must have a smooth, hard, nonabsorbent surface and the intersections of such floors with walls must have a smooth, hard, nonabsorbent vertical base that extends upward onto the walls at least ___________.

A. 3 inches
B. 4 inches
C. 5 inches
D. 6 inches

67. The minimum width of means of egress doors openings must be sufficient for the occupant load thereof and must provide a minimum clear opening width of _____________________. Exceptions ignored.

A. 32 inches
B. 36 inches
C. 42 inches
D. 44 inches

68. _________________ construction is that type of construction in which the exterior walls are of noncombustible materials and the interior building elements are of any material permitted by the code.

A. Type I
B. Type II
C. Type III
D. Type IV

69. Wood framing members, including wood sheathing, which rest on exterior foundation walls and are less than ____ from exposed earth must be of naturally durable or preservative-treated wood.

A. 1 inch
B. 6 inches
C. 8 inches
D. 12 inches

70. Every dwelling unit is required to have at least one room that is not less than 120 square feet of net floor area. Other habitable rooms are required to have a net floor area of not less than 70 square feet except for ______________________.

A. living rooms
B. bedrooms
C. kitchens
D. dens

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