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ICC Exam Workbook Sample Questions

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147. Surge arresters installed in accordance with the requirements of Article 280 shall be permitted on each _______________ overhead service conductor. Informational Note: Surge arresters may be referred to as lightning arresters in older documents.

A. ungrounded
B. grounded
C. grounding
D. bonding

148. A 3000 sq. ft. store has 30 ft of show window. There are a total of 80 duplex receptacles. The service is 120/240 V, single phase 3-wire service. Actual connected lighting load is 8500 VA. What is the total calculated show window lighting load in VA.?

A. 6000
B. 9000
C. 5000
D. 7000

149. The copper sheath of mineral-insulated, metal-sheathed cable Type MI may be used as the equipment grounding conductor.

A. This is true
B. This is false

150. In or under airport runways, including adjacent areas where trespassing prohibited what is the minimum burial depth for direct burial cables or conductors.

A. 6
B. 12
C. 18
D. 24

151. In a dwelling unit, which of the following situations allows for a supply circuit with a voltage of greater than 120 volts, nominal, between conductors?

A. The terminals of lampholders applied within their voltage ratings
B. Cord-and-plug-connected or permanently connected utilization equipment
C. The terminals of lampholders applied within their voltage ratings
D. Auxiliary equipment of electric-discharge lamps
E. None of these

152. In a one family dwelling and each unit of a two-family dwelling that is at grade level, at least one receptacle outlet readily accessible from grade and not more than ____________ above grade must be installed at the front and back of the dwelling.

A. 6 1/2 ft
B. 78 in.
C. 6.5 feet
D. all of the above

153. An apparatus designed to control and organize the output cable to the electric vehicle or to the primary pad.

A. Energy conservation control system (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)
B. Energy Management control board system (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)
C. Green vehicle CO2 footprint optimization system (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)
D. Cable Management System (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)

154. XHH insulation has what which characteristic trade name.

A. Moisture-resistant thermoset
B. Modified ethylene tetrafluoro-ethylene
C. Extended polytetra-fluoro-ethylene
D. Thermoset

155. Receptacles that provide power for water-pump motors or for other loads directly related to the circulation and sanitation system shall be located at least __________ft from the inside walls of the pool, or not less than __________ ft from the inside walls of the pool.

A. 3,3
B. 5,5
C. 6,6
D. 3,6
E. none of these

156. For conductors supplying a single motor, motor controller nameplate current ratings are permitted to be derived based on the ____________ value of the motor current using an intermittent duty cycle and other control system loads, if present.

A. phase
B. intrinsic root squared
C. rms
D. meter measured

157. Nonmetallic boxes are permitted only with open wiring on insulators, _________________________, cabled wiring methods with entirely nonmetallic sheaths, flexible cords, and nonmetallic raceways. Exceptions ignored.

A. electrical metallic tubing
B. concealed knob-and-tube wiring
C. rigid metallic tubing

158. Lighting track may be installed in the following locations?

A. In storage battery rooms
B. In wet or damp locations
C. Where likely to be subjected to physical damage
D. Where concealed
E. none of the above

159. Maximum Number of Disconnects, two or three single-pole switches or breakers capable of individual operation are permitted on multiwire circuits, one pole for each ungrounded conductor, as one multipole disconnect, and provided they are equipped with identified handle ties or a master handle to disconnect all ungrounded conductors with no more than _________ operations of the hand.

A. six
B. twelve
C. one
D. eight

160. What is the ampacity rating of No. 1 (AWG) copper-clad aluminum conductors at 90 C. in multiconductor cables with not more than three insulated conductors, rated 0 through 2000 Volts, in free air based on ambient air temperature of 40°C for type MC cables?

A. 84
B. 108
C. 120
D. 126

161. Does a pipe organ have any special grounding requirements?

A. Yes
B. No

162. Branch circuits larger than 50 amperes can supply only ___________ outlet loads.

A. non-lighting
B. lighting
C. ranges
D. cooking equipment

163. Where rock bottom is encountered in installing a grounding rod electrode the electrode can be driven at an oblique angle not to exceed _________ degrees from the vertical.

A. 30
B. 45
C. 60
D. 75

164. In each attached garage of a dwelling unit and in each ____________________, the branch circuit supplying this receptacle(s) shall not supply outlets outside of the garage. At least one receptacle outlet shall be installed in each vehicle bay and not more than 1.7 m (51¨M2 ft) above the floor.

A. detached garage or accessory building with electric power
B. walkway to the garage
C. 6' space along the floorline
D. 12' or wider carport

165. Branch-circuit conductors supplying one or more units of information technology equipment shall have an ampacity not less than _____________ percent of the total connected load.

A. 80
B. 100
C. 125
D. 150

166. What is Type HFF wiring used for?

A. Heat, Fire and Flame resistant
B. underground
C. Fixture wiring
D. hydrogen atmosphere applications

167. Where a building or structure has any combination of feeders, branch circuits, or services __________________________, a permanent plaque or directory must be installed at each feeder and branch-circuit disconnect location that denotes all other services, feeders, or branch circuits supplying that building or structure or passing through that building or structure and the area served by each.

A. passing through or supplying it
B. passing through it
C. supplying it
D. all of the above makes this statement true

168. Overhead spans of open conductors and open multiconductor cables must have a minimum vertical clearance of not less than _________ above the roof surface. The vertical clearance above the roof level shall be maintained for a distance not less than ________ in all directions from the edge of the roof. Exceptions ignored.

A. 8 feet 6 inches, 3 feet
B. 12 feet, 6 feet
C. 12 feet, 4 feet
D. 8 feet, 10 feet

169. A ground ring encircling the building or structure, in direct contact with the earth, consisting of at least 20 ft of bare copper conductor not smaller than ____ AWG is permitted to be used as a grounding electrode.

A. 2/0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4

170. Where practicable, rod, pipe, and plate electrodes shall be embedded _______________. Rod, pipe, and plate electrodes shall be free from nonconductive coatings such as paint or enamel.

A. below the average frost line
B. below footings of the structure
C. 18" below the surface of the grade line
D. below permanent moisture level

171. A 18 AWG fixture wire is permitted to be tapped to the branch circuit conductor of a 20 amp branch circuit, provided it is __________ ft. or less in length.

A. 6
B. 10
C. 25
D. 50

172. Overhead spans of open conductors and open multiconductor cables of not over 600 volts, nominal, must have a clearance of not less than _______ feet for areas listed in the 12-ft classification where the voltage exceeds 300 volts to ground.

A. 10
B. 12
C. 15
D. 18

173. For a one-family dwelling, the feeder disconnecting means must have a rating of not less than _____ amperes, 3-wire.

A. 60
B. 90
C. 100
D. 125

174. Parts of electric equipment that in ordinary operation produce arcs, sparks, flames, or molten metal shall be enclosed or separated and isolated from all __________________________.

A. other electrical components
B. possible contact with people
C. combustible material
D. metal parts

175. It is permissible to calculate the load of a feeder or service that supplies three or more dwelling units of a multifamily dwelling in accordance with Table 220.84 if all the following condition's) is (are) met.

A. Each dwelling unit is equipped with electric resistance heating systems.
B. No dwelling unit is supplied by more than one feeder
C. Each dwelling unit is equipped with electric cooking equipment.
D. B and C

176. The point of connection between the facilities of the serving utility and the premises wiring.

A. Meter Base
B. Meter Socket
C. Power Entrance
D. Service Point

177. Two or more grounding electrodes that are effectively bonded together shall be considered _____________________.

A. a multiple grounding electrode system
B. a continuous grounding electrode system.
C. a single grounding electrode system
D. a redundant grounding electrode system.

178. What is the minimum distance between bare metal parts, busbars, and so forth in a panelboard between live parts to ground where the voltage 240 V.?

A. 1 inch
B. 3/4 inch
C. 1/2 inch
D. 1/4 inch

179. In a dwelling unit, how many branch circuits are needed to serve kitchens, pantries, breakfast rooms, dining rooms, and similar areas, as well as small-appliance all wall and floor receptacle outlets and all countertop outlets and receptacle outlets for refrigeration equipment. Exceptions ignored.

A. one 20-ampere
B. one 20 ampere and one 15 ampere
C. two or more 20-ampere
D. at least three 20-ampere

180. Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit (LFMC) is permitted to be used ______________________.

A. Where total bends exceeds 360 degrees.
B. For direct burial where listed and marked for the purpose
C. Where subject to physical damage
D. Where any combination of ambient and conductor temperature produces an operating temperature in excess of that for which the material is approved

181. Each commercial building and commercial occupancy accessible to pedestrians shall be provided with at least one outlet in an accessible location at each ______________ to each tenant space for sign or outline lighting system use.

A. exit
B. store front
C. window
D. entrance

182. A dwelling has a floor area of 1500 sq. ft, with unfinished cellar not adaptable for future use, unfinished attic, and open porches. Appliances are a 12-kW range and a 5.5-kW, 240-V dryer. Assume range and dryer kW ratings equivalent to kVA ratings in accordance with 220.54 and 220.55. What is the total net calculated load for the dwelling in VA units?

A. 15,600
B. 30,500
C. 18,600
D. 22,600

183. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

A. A system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded.
B. An unintentional, electrically conducting connection between an ungrounded conductor of an electrical circuit and the normally non-current-carrying conductors, metallic enclosures, metallic raceways, metallic equipment, or earth.
C. All circuit conductors between the service equipment, the source of a separately derived system, or other power supply source and the final branch-circuit overcurrent device.
D. A device intended for the protection of personnel that functions to deenergize a circuit or portion thereof within an established period of time when a current to ground exceeds the values established for a Class A device.

184. A hand-operable circuit breaker equipped with a lever or handle, or a power-operated circuit breaker capable of being opened by hand in the event of a power failure, may be permitted to serve as a switch if it has ____________________________.

A. a plastic insulated handle
B. the required number of poles
C. not been mounted in a panelboard
D. has been mounted in a panelboard

185. Wiring located within the cavity of a fire-rated floor-ceiling or roof-ceiling assembly shall be secured to, or supported by, an independent means of secure support. Where independent support wires are used, they must be _____________________________. Exceptions ignored.

A. galvanized steel No. 10 or larger.
B. steel, copper, brass or aluminum
C. distinguishable by twists within the bottom 12 inches of the wires
D. distinguishable by color, tagging, or other effective means from those that are part of the fire-rated design

186. Overhead spans of open conductors and open multiconductor cables of not over 1000 volts, nominal, must have a minimum clearance of not less than ______ ft over public streets, alleys, roads, parking areas subject to truck traffic, driveways on other than residential property, and other land traversed by vehicles, such as cultivated, grazing, forest, and orchard.

A. 10
B. 12
C. 15
D. 18

187. Where must all of the conductors in a multiwire branch circuit originate from?

A. The same junction box.
B. The same panelboard or similar distribution equipment.
C. The same side of a three wire panel.
D. The same size spool of conductor material.

188. Service conductors passing over a roof must be securely supported by substantial structures. Where practicable, the supports must be_____________________.

A. independent of the building
B. coated with a non-conductive coating
C. waterproof
D. part of the buildings structure
189. A manually operated device used in conjunction with a transfer switch to provide a means of directly connecting load conductors to a power source and of disconnecting the transfer switch.

A. Bypass Isolation Switch
B. Transfer Switch
C. Double Pole Switch
D. 4 Way Switch

190. The branch-circuit rating for an appliance that is a continuous load, other than a motor-operated appliance, shall not be less than __________ percent of the marked rating, or not less than 100 percent of the marked rating if the branch-circuit device and its assembly are listed for continuous loading at 100 percent of its rating.

A. 100
B. 125
C. 150
D. 175

191. The complete electrical system shall be performance tested _____________________.

A. before occupancy
B. when first installed on-site
C. at 4 separate stages during construction.
D. on a monthly basis

192. What is the demand factor percentage for 9 household electric clothes dryers in a multi-family dwelling unit?

A. 100
B. 85
C. 65
D. 55

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