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ICC Exam Workbook Sample Questions

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15. At least ________ wall switch-controlled lighting outlet must be installed in hallways, stairways, attached garages, and detached garages with electric power. Exception ignored.

A. one
B. two
C. one three-way
D. two three-way

16. A 125-volt, single-phase, ____________ rated receptacle outlet must be installed at an accessible location for the servicing of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

A. 15 ampere
B. 20 ampere
C. 15 ampere or 20 ampere
D. any of the above

17. Receptacles, polarized attachment plugs and cord connectors for plugs and polarized plugs must have the terminal intended for connection to the grounded conductor identified. Identification must be by a metal or metal coating substantially ____________ in color.

A. green
B. white
C. black
D. red

18. A grounded conductor may not be connected to normally noncurrent-carrying metal parts of equipment, to equipment grounding conductor's), or be reconnected to ground _____________ of the service disconnecting means.

A. on the line side
B. on the load side
C. on the neutral side
D. electrode

19. A permanently installed heating equipment has motors rated at not over 0.125 horsepower with supplementary overcurrent protection. Which of the following is the allowed disconnection means for this appliance.

A. Branch circuit overcurrent device.
B. A separable connector or attachment plug and receptacle provided with access.
C. Branch-circuit switch or circuit breaker where within sight from the heating equipment or capable of being locked off.
D. Disconnect, on the supply side of fuses, in sight from the supplementary overcurrent device, and in sight of the heating equipment or, in any location, where the disconnecting means is be capable of being locked in the open position in compliance with other sections of the code

20. A special pump in a home is rated at 40 amperes. The branch circuit feeding this pump has an overcurrent protection breaker that is rated at 40 amperes. What is the minimum equipment grounding conductor size for a Copper-clad aluminum ground wire?

A. NO. 4 AWG
B. NO. 6 AWG
C. NO. 8 AWG
D. NO. 10 AWG

21. For switches controlling lighting loads, effective _______________, the grounded conductor shall be extended to any switch location as necessary and shall be connected to switching devices that require line-to-neutral voltage to operate the electronics of the switch in the standby mode.

A. January 1, 2017
B. January 1, 2018
C. January 1, 2019
D. January 1, 2020

22. ______________________ may not be used as a means of support for other cables, raceways and or other non-electrical equipment.

A. Conduit wiring methods
B. Raceway wiring methods
C. Cable wiring methods
D. All of the Above

23. Combustible wall or ceiling finish exposed between the edge of a fixture canopy or pan and the outlet box must be ______________________________.

A. caulked
B. covered with noncombustible material
C. coated with cement
D. grounded

24. The interior metal water piping system must be bonded to_______________________________.

A. the service equipment enclosure
B. the grounded conductor at the service
C. the grounding electrode conductor where of sufficient size
D. to the one or more grounding electrodes used
E. any of the above

25. No. 4/0 Copper conductors are used in a service. What is the minimum copper grounding electrode conductor size required for this service?

A. No. 8 AWG
B. No. 4 AWG
C. No. 2 AWG
D. No. 1/0 AWG

26. Ungrounded service conductors for one family dwellings must have an ampacity of not less than the load served and the rating of the ungrounded conductors must be not less than _______ amperes, 3 wire. For all other installations, the rating of the ungrounded conductors must be not less than _______ amperes.

A. 100, 60
B. 60, 100
C. 60, 60
D. 100, 100

27. What is the ambient temperature correction factor for Type THHW Copper 90C rated conductors, in an ambient temperature of 23C?

A. 0.41
B. 0.58
C. 0.75
D. 1.04

28. What is the maximum number of No. 12 AWG conductors allowed in a 4 in. square trade size metal box that is 1-1/2 inches deep?

A. 5 conductors
B. 7 conductors
C. 9 conductors
D. 12 conductors

29. With respect to marking of service equipment, individual meter socket enclosures _______________________________________________________.

A. are not considered service equipment
B. are considered service equipment
C. are considered accessible equipment
D. none of the above

30. Bare aluminum or copper-clad aluminum grounding conductors may not be used where in direct contact with _______________.

A. masonry
B. the earth
C. wood
D. fiberglass insulation
E. A and B

31. Nonconductive coatings such as paint, lacquer and enamel on equipment to be grounded must be removed from threads and other contact surfaces to ensure _________________ or the equipment must be connected by means of fittings designed so as to make such removal unnecessary.

A. electrical continuity
B. mechanical continuity
C. mechanical rigidity
D. electrical resistance

32. A conductor used to connect the system grounded conductor or the equipment to a grounding electrode or to a point on the grounding electrode system.

A. Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter
B. Grounded Conductor
C. Grounding Electrode
D. Grounding Electrode Conductor

33. Connection to terminals for conductor sizes of ________ AWG and smaller, may be made by means of wire binding screws or studs and nuts having upturned lugs or the equivalent.

A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 12

34. What is the maximum number of No. 10 AWG, Type TW conductors allowed in EMT 3/4 inch trade size?

A. 4 conductors
B. 8 conductors
C. 12 conductors
D. 16 conductors

35. In bathrooms, a receptacle outlet must be located on ___________ the lavatory basin location.

A. a wall that is behind
B. a wall that is adjacent to
C. one of the walls near
D. any of these

36. Ranges with a rating of 8.75 kVA or more must be supplied by a branch circuit having a minimum rating of _______ .

A. 30 amperes
B. 40 amperes
C. 50 amperes
D. 60 amperes

37. Circuit conductors that are electrically joined at each end to form a single conductor are limited to sizes ________ AWG and larger.

A. 4/0
B. 2
C. 1/0
D. 4

38. Where practicable, rod, pipe and plate grounding electrodes must be embedded below _______________.

A. the meter housing
B. finished grade
C. frost level
D. permanent moisture level

39. A circuit with a rating of 20 amperes requires a receptacle with what ampere rating.

A. 15 amperes
B. 20 amperes
C. 15 amperes or 20 amperes
D. any of the above

40. Where the conductor material is not specified in the code the material given should be assumed to be _________.

A. copper
B. copper or aluminum
C. aluminum
D. any of these

41. Where cables are used, each cable _____________________ the cabinet, panelboard, cutout box, or meter socket enclosure. Exceptions ignored.

A. shall be secured to
B. shall electrically connected to
C. shall labeled and marked for
D. shall listed in the TOC for

42. Where installed in raceways, conductors of size _______ AWG and larger must be stranded. Exceptions ignored,

A. 14
B. 12
C. 10
D. 8

43. What is the lighting load calculated for a 6500 sq ft single family home? Consider the demand factor.

A. 19,500 VA
B. 12,750 VA
C. 10,225 VA
D. 8775 VA

44. In a plate electrode grounding system, what is the minimum amount of surface exposure to the soil in square feet, for a plate electrode buried in the earth.

A. 5 square feet
B. 4 square feet
C. 3 square feet
D. 2 square feet

45. Ground clamps or other fittings must be approved for applications without protection or must be protected from physical damage by installing them where they are not likely to be damaged or by enclosing them in ________________ .

A. metal
B. wood
C. equivalent protective coverings
D. none of these

46. A grounding connection must not be made to any ________________________ on the load side of the service disconnecting means. Exceptions ignored.

A. neutral wire conductor
B. grounding conduit
C. grounded circuit conductor
D. none of the above

47. The dimension of the working space in the direction of access to panelboards and live parts likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing or maintenance while energized must be not less than ____________ inches in depth. Except as otherwise specified in the Code.

A. 30
B. 36
C. 40
D. 48

48. During backfill for underground wiring where necessary to prevent physical damage to the raceway or cable, protection must be provided in the form of_________________________________________________________.

A. suitable boards
B. granular or selected material
C. suitable sleeves
D. Any of the above answers

49. How much free space in cubic inches is required within a box for 10 - No. 8 AWG conductors?

A. 10 cubic inches
B. 20 cubic inches
C. 30 cubic inches
D. 40 cubic inches

50. A minimum of one 20-ampere branch circuit must be provided to supply the bathroom receptacle outlet(s) and these circuits ____________________________.

A. may serve all the bathrooms in the dwelling
B. may not have more than one outlet
C. may not other outlets
D. none of the above

51. At every outlet used exclusively for lighting, the box must be designed or installed so that a luminaire or lampholder can be attached and the boxes must be capable of supporting a luminaire weighing up to ___________ unless the outlet box is listed and marked for the maximum weight to be supported.

A. 25 lbs.
B. 50 lbs.
C. 75 lbs.
D. 100 lbs.

52. The total rating of utilization equipment fastened in place, other than lighting fixtures, must not exceed _____ of the branch-circuit ampere rating where lighting units cord and plug connected utilization equipment not fastened in place, or both, are also supplied.

A. 50 percent
B. 80 percent
C. 100 percent
D. 125 percent

53. Chapters 34 through 43 do not cover the installations, including associated lighting, under the exclusive control of _____________________________________ or services over _______ amperes.

A. state, municipal or federal governments, 300
B. a foreign contractor, 200
C. communications utilities and electric utilities, 400
D. none of the above

54. What is the allowable ampacity of No. 3/0 Copper-clad aluminum conductors THHN use in a service?

A. 100
B. 150
C. 175
D. 225

55. A metallic component encased by at least 2 inches of concrete, located horizontally near the bottom or vertically and within that portion of a concrete foundation or footing that is in direct contact with the earth, consisting of at least 20 feet of one or more bare or zinc-galvanized or other electrically conductive coated steel reinforcing bars or rods of not less than 1/2 inch diameter, or consisting of at least 20 feet of bare copper conductor not smaller than 4 AWG will be considered __________________.

A. a lightning rod electrode
B. a secondary grounding point
C. a grounding electrode
D. an opto-isolated ground junction

56. In conductor fill calculations each conductor that originates outside the box and terminates or is spliced within the box must be counted once, and each conductor that passes through the box without splice or termination must be counted as ___________.

A. 0 conductors
B. 1 conductor
C. 2 conductors
D. none of the above

57. A ____________, or terminal fitting, with an integral ____________ opening must be installed on the end of a conduit or other raceway that terminates underground where the conductors or cables emerge as a direct burial wiring method.

A. insulated, insulated
B. reducing washer, reduced wall thickness
C. knock-out plug, knock-out seal
D. bushing, bushed

58. What is the maximum number of No. 10 AWG, Type TW conductors allowed in Schedule 80 Rigid PVC Conduit 3/4 inch trade size?

A. 3 conductors
B. 6 conductors
C. 11 conductors
D. 20 conductors

59. Bends must be made so as not to __________________________________________.

A. reduce the internal diameter of raceways
B. change the path of conductors more than 45 degrees
C. increase the room for other conductors in a circuit
D. damage the wiring method
E. A or D

60. Admitting close approach; not guarded by locked doors, elevation or other effective means.

A. Approved
B. Accessible
C. Serviceable
D. Insulated

61. Raceways, cable armors and cable sheaths must be _______________ between cabinets, boxes, fittings or other enclosures or outlets. Exception ignored.

A. continuous
B. conductive
C. electrically closed
D. interconnected

62. What is the minimum burial depth in inches for circuits for control of irrigation and landscape lighting limited to not more than 30 volts and installed with type UF or in other identified cable or raceway in underground wiring In solid rock where covered by minimum of 2 inches concrete extending down to rock?

A. 2 Inches (In raceway only)
B. 6 Inches (In raceway only)
C. 12 Inches (In raceway only)
D. 18 Inches

63. A small appliance branch circuit must not serve more than _______________.

A. one room
B. two rooms
C. one kitchen
D. two kitchens

64. Electric equipment must be firmly secured to the surface on which it is mounted, wooden plugs driven into masonry, concrete, plaster, or similar materials ___________________.

A. may be used to provide and insulated anchor
B. may be used wherever possible.
C. may not be used
D. none of the above

65. Where wiring methods having a nonmetallic covering pass through stud cavities and joist spaces used for air handling, such wiring may pass through such spaces ________________ .

A. perpendicular to the long dimension of the spaces
B. parallel to the long dimension of the spaces
C. only if the annular space around the conductors is sealed with a listed material
D. none of these, can not be installed in such spaces

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